Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Um. No.

I resent the fact that Romney insinuated that Single Moms are the reason that Americans are fucked up.  Sure, being a single mom is a struggle and GOD knows, I struggled with it for a LONG time.  I struggle with being a mother even now.  I'm not perfect.  My kids aren't perfect.  But you know what, Mitt?  Some of us single moms are doing the best we can.  Some of us single moms were better off being single moms than being with the son of a bitch who was abusing us, treating us like we didn't matter, showing our sons that it's acceptable to disrespect other people, to disrespect women and treat them as inferior... You know, kind of like you seem to be doing...

Some single moms didn't have a choice when they became a single mom.  Some single moms lost their husbands to the wars you keep wanting to jump into; projecting your dick-waving into situations that are someone else's responsibility.  Just to be clear, I am very grateful for every single person who decided that they were willing to write out a blank check for their life in order to protect my freedom that I cherish every day.  

Some single moms chose to do what was best for their children's future; even if that meant that they would live in a single parent household.  Some single moms chose to struggle to give their kids as much as possible as an alternative to staying with a man that was going to abuse them and/or the children.

Are there single moms out there who became mothers because they were careless and irresponsible?  Yes.  Are there single moms out there who don't take their responsibilities seriously?  Yes.  The same can be said for ANYONE.  There are dads out there who go around and convince women of things that aren't true; "I love you baby... I won't leave..." and then the little blue line comes up on the pregnancy test and they're outta there...  There are dads out there who leave and don't pay their child support... causing a lot of those moms to struggle even more.  There are dads out there who don't give a shit about their kids.

There are 2 parent households out there that are just as dysfunctional... and sometimes MORE dysfunctional than some of the single parent households.

All of that being said... as frustrated as I get with my struggle as a parent, NOBODY is able to keep my kids controlling themselves better than I can.  They go out into this fucked up world of inconsistency and they find people who don't mean what they say, people who talk shit on others just to get ahead... and because we don't operate that way in THIS house, it's foreign to them.  Sometimes, I almost feel like I'm doing them a disservice by teaching them what I believe are the right lessons in life.  

To be honest.
To be consistent.
To be accepting and open minded.
To be forgiving.
To be loving.
To stand up for what they feel is the right thing.
To know what they're talking about before they open their mouths.
To take responsibility for their own decisions and actions.

They see all of this at home, but they don't in most other places.  

Both of my kids watched the debate with us tonight.  Both of them saw how Mitt continues to talk a bunch of shit on Obama without having his facts straight and saying he's the man for the job without giving us the reasons why he's the better choice.  Mitt, what kind of example are YOU setting for my children?  The example I see you setting for my children is that instead of trying to make things better, in order to get ahead, you should cut down others and make them look inferior so that people will think you're superior by default.

Unfortunately, Mitt, our house doesn't work that way.  We rely on facts and logic and sense in this house.  My only hope is that there are more households like that out there than I fear there are.

We need to be smart.  We need to think of what kind of world we want our kids to live in... not about whether or not things are perfect.  When things are bad, we need a clear, sensible solution.  Not unsubstantiated promises and finger pointing.  If you're gonna point a finger, make sure you're right before you point it.  Just saying.

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