Monday, October 29, 2012

The way I see it

I know a lot of people who say, “I don’t get into political discussions.”  Or, “I don’t discuss politics with people.”  For the most part, I get that.  A lot of the time, it turns into an argument and doesn’t end well.  We don’t want to really have that kind of interaction with our friends so we avoid the frustration.  Most of the time, I will refrain from having them as well, depending on who it is.  Sometimes, there’s really no sense in talking to a certain person that you don’t see eye to eye on if you know that they’re just going to turn into a raging asshole as soon as you disagree with them.

I’m not the type of person who relies on the opinions of others to make my own decisions.  I’m the type of person who observes and draws my own conclusions based on what I see.  That doesn’t mean that I don’t listen to what people say about certain subjects.  It means that I listen and do my own thinking and investigating and draw my own conclusions based on what I find.  Sometimes, someone else will bring up a point I hadn’t thought of and sometimes, after some thought, I may decide to change my mind about something.  I appreciate when someone takes the time to discuss things in the interest of making sure people are properly informed and aware.

Voting for the President of the United States of America is a BIG DEAL.  The President doesn’t control everything on their own, but they do have a hell of a lot of influence on a lot that happens in this whole world.  On that basis alone, I feel that discussing the candidates and the issues surrounding the election is necessary.  I’m not trying to say that everyone should agree with what I have to say.  I’m going to share what I’ve seen and how I feel about it and if it causes even ONE of you to think about this decision, then I will feel that I’ve made the right choice in putting this out there.

First of all, if you’re throwing out insults and lies trying to convince people that the person you’re voting for is the right choice, you’re doing it wrong.  You shouldn’t have to make things up to prove your point.

Secondly, if you post something – whatever it may be – and someone makes you aware of the fact that what you posted is inaccurate, the correct thing to do would be to research it and either post your findings, proving your point ~ OR ~ admit you were wrong and delete it.  The correct response is NOT to ignore it and leave it there, ignoring the logic and truth behind it, content with the fact that you’re misinforming people.  The correct response is also NOT to change the subject and ignore the facts, (ie: deflection) and continue throwing out other insults. That is not the way to win an argument intelligently.

I’m sorry, but if those are the kinds of people that are going to end up winning elections, I’m very afraid of where this country is headed.

No matter which candidate you stand behind based on your views: be intelligent, be informed, and if you want to promote one of them, do it with the facts, not made-up bullshit. 

Now on to my opinion:

To all those people who are voting for Romney because they don’t like Obama or because the economy isn’t perfect yet:

You can’t just look at where things are and judge it as it stands alone when we’re talking about where things are headed.  You have to look at what happened up until that point.  That will tell you the direction it’s headed… and that is important.

No, the economy isn’t where we want it.  No, the economy isn’t where Obama wanted it either.  Look at the facts:  When he took office, things were at a steady pace downward and had been for a while.  When something is falling, and fast, it takes a lot of work to stop the momentum and steady it out.  Obama has done that.  The lowest the figures got is not the same as where it was when he took office.  It got much lower than that… and things are now rising from that number.  You want a fair representation of what he’s accomplished?  Don’t look at the difference between when he was elected and now, look at the difference between the lowest it got and now.  You can say the economy isn’t getting better all you want.  I’ve seen the statistics, I’ve looked at fact checkers, AND… my father lost his job with the company he’d been with for over 30 years because they almost had to close their doors.  They didn’t close their doors and he got his job back.  I haven’t had a job since I got laid off in 2006.  I’m working now.  Also, my mom started her own company.  I.  HAVE.  SEEN.  IT. 

The economy isn’t the only thing that he’s responsible for.  He’s got a LOT of things to be responsible for.  Before you say, “well if he couldn’t handle it, he shouldn’t have taken the job.”, you need to understand that he’s not complaining that fact.  I’m saying that everyone else in this country needs to stop being so damned impatient and let him handle all of it.  It reminds me a lot of when Brianna’s dad is giving me crap about not being able to spend every waking second focusing ONLY on Brianna and what she WANTS and nothing else… completely ignoring the fact that Cody is my responsibility, too.  I also have a husband and pets that are part of my responsibility.  I’m not complaining about having all that responsibility, however it should not be considered “Brianna neglect” if I must focus on her AND Cody AND the rest of the family.  Sometimes, she may have to wait if Cody needs my attention, sometimes I’m doing things that will benefit both of them or the whole family.  There’s NOTHING WRONG with the fact that I have more that one thing to maintain.  Would she like it better if she was the center of my attention?  Probably.  Would that be a better situation for her than having a brother to grow up with, pets to care about and play with, a nice bed to sleep in, a mom who is in a happy marriage, and the knowledge that her mom is willing to do what’s necessary for EVERYONE she loves?  I don’t personally think so.

Romney is threatening our rights as women.  Rights that have been fought for and earned.  Romney is threatening our public education.  Education that helps a LOT of kids in this country who don’t have the same opportunities as other kids and maybe don’t have parents who care about them a whole lot.  Romney is trying to make sure that the really rich stay really rich and don’t bear any of the responsibility of rebuilding this country when they have the means to do so.

Romney can’t seem to make a decision about how he feels about something and stick to it.  It’s one thing if you change your mind about something, with good reason.  He seems to just say whatever it is he thinks the people he’s talking to wants to hear.  This does not make me very confident that when it comes down to it, he’s going to know what needs to be done or how to do it.

Obama went out and talked to the leaders of other countries.  Whether he apologized to them or not is NOT the point.  (Is it so WRONG to apologize when it’s warranted?)  He has talked with these very important people and they don’t hate us anymore like they used to.  Romney wants to go in and talk shit to all of them.  And that’s supposed to keep them liking us?  Um. No.  That’s going to make them all want to kill us… not just Iran.  Obama has said that despite the picture that Romney is trying to paint, Obama is not ignoring the Iran/Nuclear weapons issue.  Do you all really think it’s a good idea for Obama to go on TV and tell his plan so Iran can see it?  REALLY?  (This is why superheroes aren’t supposed to ‘monologue’.  Duh.  Didn’t you watch ‘The Incredibles’?)  Don’t you think that if the whole world is behind us, Iran MIGHT think twice about actually doing anything with a nuclear weapon?  Honestly?

Don’t even get me started on Obamacare.  It stops doctors from overcharging people and the parts of it that are in effect now enabled me to get services that my policy didn’t cover before.  If that means that certain doctors aren’t available under certain insurance plans anymore because they can no longer overcharge their patients, then fine.  I don’t want their greedy asses treating me anyways.  I want a doctor who wants to take care of people first.

Romney thinks it’s unfair for the really rich to pay a little more to help rebuild the economy.  Romney supporters say it’s unfair for the really rich to have to suffer and pay more.  REALLY?  If they don’t think it’s worth chipping in a little more when they have it to chip in, then they’re part of what’s wrong with this country.  How selfish can you be?

People keep talking about where Obama has failed.  So they’re going to vote for someone like this just to keep Obama out and for no other reason, and throw around lies and insults to try and convince everyone else that it’s a good idea?  And they think this is an intelligent decision?  Really?  What the hell is wrong with you people?

I don’t like being broke either, but I’d MUCH rather be unwealthy and not have to worry so much about whether or not the rest of the planet hates us and wants to kill us because our president is an idiot.  I’d also much rather be unwealthy and be able to go to the doctor and not be charged an arm and a leg.  Fact is, things ARE getting better… FINALLY.  Let’s keep that going, shall we?

*takes a breath*

Again, if you have your own reasons for supporting Romney, that’s your business and that’s your right.  I just want you to make sure that you look up the facts so you know what you’re really signing up for before you check that ballot and that you’re not voting for him based solely on the stupid crap that’s been circulating Facebook.  Think about what’s really important to you.  Think about EVERYTHING that is at stake.  


And for Pete’s sake, PLEASE stop throwing insults and lies around trying to convince the rest of us that we’re wrong.  It just makes you look like a damn idiot and it makes me question whether or not I wish to continue to be friends with someone who’s so ignorant and stupid.

Just saying.

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