Monday, September 3, 2012

Get Out.

I have something to say to the people saying that abortion should be illegal because it isn't what God intended for us to do.  

If God didn't want me to be able to choose whether or not to do something regardless of whether it's "right" or "wrong", he wouldn't have given me free will.  He gave us the right to make our own choices.  I would like to keep that right.  

IF I make a decision it just so happens that God is unhappy with me for it, that's between me and God.  

It's none. of. your. fucking. business.  

You don't like abortion?  Don't have one.  For the record, I don't like it either.  

My point is, I don't give one flying fuck who you are; it's not YOUR place to tell me what I can and can't do.  You did not create me, my body does not belong to you, and I do not answer to you for what I do with my own body.  I would appreciate it if you would keep YOUR opinions out of MY uterus and stop trying to decide where I should spend my eternity and how you think I should get there.  

And for the record, making this stuff illegal isn't going to save the souls of those people who would have done it otherwise.  YOU can't get me into heaven.  

You want to make this world a place with better morals?  Stop making up bullshit lies to smear other people in order to make people think you're better.  Stop spreading hate.  Encourage people to be nice to each other, accept each other, learn about each other, love each other.  You know, like Jesus said?

Just saying.

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